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One of the most important aspects in selling a business is confidentiality. Your employees, clients, or competitors need not be aware you are interested in selling your business. The Signature Business Group provides the degree of confidentiality you feel is appropriate. All buyers sign a Non-Disclosure early in the discussion process and always before receiving confidential information.


Our Chicagoland offices have experienced professional sales agents trained in courtesy and diplomacy. We will help you evaluate the critically important price of your business using standards such as assets, profits, liabilities, cash flow, past growth, future potential, competition, location, customer goodwill and terms of sale, among other factors. We can also engage the services of a broad range of specialists which include appraisers, tax, accounting, financial and marketing professionals. We will support and smoothly guide you through the myriad of details and legalities involved in selling your business.


Individually tailored to your particular business, our marketing plan can be as extensive and varied as necessary. It may involve the use of personal contacts, telemarketing, targeted direct mail, newspapers and internet advertising. In addition, we maintain Chicagolands largest and most comprehensive database of prospects actively seeking specific business opportunities. To further speed your sale, all network and institutional advertising are professionally created to ensure positive results. Regardless of the promotional techniques employed, The Signature Business Group will provide you with sound creative support throughout, keeping the process moving towards an efficient and successful closing.

Qualified Buyers

When prospective buyers call, we direct them through an in-depth screening process to determine a candidates suitability to a particular business, including skill sets and financial capabilities. Qualified candidates are then introduced to you at convenient times, allowing your business to continue without interruption. We provide ongoing communication and appropriate feedback in support of the sales process.


The Signature Business Group assist the interested buyer in preparation of the Offer to Purchase, which is presented to our seller along with an analysis of the offer. We handle all negotiations in a manner respectful of both the buyer and seller. We then secure and hold the earnest money from the buyer during the offer process. Although many businesses offer seller financing, we can introduce buyers to our network of financial strategies consistent with their particular resources and objectives. Our professional sales agents coordinate and assist in the closing process, satisfactorily benefiting the parties involved.

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